"Take a trip to the roots of time and take away a nice postcard of good and beautiful things."

Our territory is particular. Single.

Going up the hairpin bends that lead from Lesignano to the hamlet of Rivalta you gradually immerse yourself in an agricultural landscape in which time seems to have stopped. Those who arrive here will be surprised by the extraordinary ability of farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, butchers and various other local characters, to combine ancient production methods with biodiversity aimed at safeguarding and safeguarding that heritage of civilization and culture that characterizes this place. Stories, legends and traditions that some local farmers and breeders wanted to preserve and guide to the rediscovery and conservation of agricultural and natural biodiversity that, over the centuries, have characterized this area


Our organic farm was born and continues its business every day surrounded by nature. Silence and nature freeze time. The order and care with which every plot, even the steepest, is recovered from agricultural activity, is striking. In this context, the typical badlands formations of the area and the equally typical phenomenon of barboj or sauces stand out for their suggestion .



There is a magical place in the Province of Parma, on the first hills, 350 meters above sea level: it is the Barboj Park , in Rivalta di Lesignano de 'Bagni. Here, in a valuable protected natural setting, the mud volcanoes, in keeping with their dialect name Barboj (in English"whisper") to the ears of visitors the stories and legends of a land rich in traditions.

The opportunity to discover ancient ways and flavors that have long disappeared from our habits and foods that risk being lost at the expense of our well-being, is the first reason that suggests a visit to the Barboj.


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